01 October, 2020

Bull's Eye

Shouldn't the government appoint a high-powered special investigative team to probe the missing children? Or are poor children expendable?

Bull's Eye
Moninder Singh Pandher and his servant Surender Koli were sentenced to death for the murder of a teenage girl in Noida. According to the CBI, the sentence against Pandher is questionable. It might be overturned in a higher court. Koli has confessed that he murdered, raped and cannibalised his victims. Earlier, the Noida police, to test his claim, had made him eat cooked human flesh. Reportedly, he vomited. Now the court has accepted his confession. Can he plead pathological insanity in an effort to avoid a death sentence?

The many other cases of small children whose skeletons were dug up from near Pandher’s dwelling still await trial. The police have not presented any credible motive for these serial killings except one of pathological cannibalism. Does that theory wash?

Pandher bribed the police before being charged. One officer was arrested for accepting bribes. Would Pandher bribe the police to protect his servant, an alleged pathological serial killer who cannibalised children? Or was there revenue earned from the mass murders...



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