24 January, 2021

Bull's Eye

"Nobody has answered the key question. Should Richard Gere be hanged?"

Bull's Eye
The other day I was the only journalist present at a hush-hush private seminar in a five-star hotel. The subject under discussion was ‘National Security: Threat of Foreign Subversion’. I decided to attend because top leaders of various political parties were to participate. I cannot reveal the names of the leaders who spoke. They all spoke freely but on condition of strict anonymity.

The chairman of the discussion said, "I won’t waste time on needless formalities. We are not here to score debating points against each other. We are here to put our heads together and find a solution for countering threats to our national security. You all know what I am referring to. The whole nation was shell-shocked after Richard Gere planted two lethal busses on Shilpa Shetty in broad daylight. So who will open the discussion?"

The Congress leader cleared his throat. "Our party is as concerned about national security as the rest of you. But we advocate a balanced response. The UPA government has still not finalised its policy on creating...



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