22 June, 2021

Bull's Eye

The guy may rule the nation but could he ever become a successful reporter? He could be, of course, an editor, or a columnist. We are the windbags whose writings are ignored anyway...

Bull's Eye

President Musharraf’s book continues to sell like hot kebabs. I haven’t read it. I don’t intend to. The book is for self-promotion. Its lies are for sales promotion. But why grudge the general a whopping bonanza for his days of retirement which may not be too far? Media conferences, comedy show, book-signing—his publishers did the works.

Important Indians are rubbishing the general for twisting facts. But Indians can be biased. What about CNN’s Wolf Blitzer? He asked Musharraf if the US had paid exchange money to the Pakistan government for nabbing Al Qaeda operatives as alleged in his book. That’s right, said Musharraf. But the CIA says no money was paid to the government, only reward money was paid to individuals, objected Blitzer. Musharraf fumbled. He never wrote the money was paid to the government, he said. Yes he did, that’s what he wrote in his book, Blitzer insisted. Oh, then it must have been a mistake, muttered the general. He would revise it...mumble...mumble.... 

After that one may feel...

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