18 January, 2021

Bullets To The Crown

A blow-by-blow account by two journalists of the 26/11 attack on the Taj in Mumbai on the fifth anniversary of the event

AFP (From Outlook 11 November 2013)
Bullets To The Crown

Manish Joshi, a Taj computer operator, had come off duty at the Taj’s office in Oxford House, on Nowroji Ferdonji Road, when he heard “wedding crackers” at 9.46 pm. Going outside, he saw something lying on the road. He walked over and found a foreign woman, shivering and bleeding. She had been shot, she stammered, and the gunmen had run on. She pointed in the direction of the Taj. Horrified, and unable to understand what was going on, Manish dragged the woman inside, and propped her up, while he reached for his mobile phone, ringing up his colleagues inside the hotel: “I think gunmen are coming for you. Get out.”

A Taj security guard on the Oxford House terrace saw two men carrying assault rifles running along the road and he also rang ahead to warn his colleagues inside the hotel: “Lock down the hotel. Gunmen are coming.” The message was relayed up to the Taj’s security chief, Sunil Kudiyadi, on the fifth floor, who knew five entrances were open: the main Tower lobby through which Bob Nicholls and Captain Ravi had arrived;...



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