02 August, 2021

Brexit Was An Accident Waiting To Happen...

Britain walking out of EU last year is only the climax of a jinxed sequence that began for the country in 1967

Pro-EU Demo
Protest in June 2016 against Britain leaving the European Union
Photograph by AP
Brexit Was An Accident Waiting To Happen...

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Fifty years ago, Britain seemed finally to have settled on a European future. In May 1967, the House of Commons endorsed, by an overwhelming majority, the Harold Wilson government’s decision to apply once more for a membership in the European Economic Community (EEC). The hesitation and partisan division that had characterised Harold Macmillan’s conditional application five years earlier when he was the PM had seemingly vanished. But the moment was illusory. Half a century on, both the divisiveness and the uncertai­nty are once more all too evident, as Britain’s political class seeks to respond to the unexpected outcome of the 2016 referendum. Can a rapid overview of the intervening 50...

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