04 March, 2021

'Brahmins Benefited Under Me'

Even as his detractors are putting pressure on the BJP leadership to act against the UP chief minister, the man in the hot seat,

'Brahmins Benefited Under Me'

What factors sprung a shock for the BJP in the last elections?

I must admit the '99 Lok Sabha results have been unexpected for me as well. We've decided to closely analyse the results on a seat-wise basis. We want to take remedial measures right away. However, I personally feel there are four main factors that have affected these elections.

What are these factors?

The dominant caste politics in the state, tactical voting by the Muslims for making the BJP candidate lose, the power-hungry political parties and the backlash against the MPs who have been repeated for multiple terms are the factors to start with.

'Four main factors affected this election: the dominant caste politics in UP, tactical voting by Muslims, power-hungry parties and backlash against multiple-term MPs.'

Your popularity's been directly related to the Babri Masjid demolition...

I'd never like to use the Ram Mandir as my trump card. Nevertheless, I also admit that this issue had created waves among the...

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