25 September, 2020

Bradley Cooper

The Hollywood star on his new movie, Hangover 2

Bradley Cooper

Which is funnier: Hangover 2 or Hangover?

Hangover 2 is equally funny; I hope audiences like the film. I think Todd (Philips) had a terrific concept in Hangover. The treatment to the film was so real and funny. There was no way we could have gone wrong. Warner Bros wanted to make a sequel before the first film came out, so it was planted in our mind even before the first film came out.

Why Thailand now? Is it wilder than Las Vegas?

I think Bangkok will supercede Vegas (in Hangover) in the character it plays in the movie.

What made Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis and you click so well together? Are you friendly off-screen too?

Oh yeah, we have a blast on- and off-screen all the time. Our off-screen wolf pack also includes Todd (Phillips).

Is Phil still as carefree and wild here?

Yeah, I am the same.

How close is your role as Phil to real life?

Hell, no. However hung-over I am, I haven’t yet missed...



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