30 July, 2021

Boston Diary

This week, we bring to you a diary from Boston written by Mani Shankar Aiyar.

Boston Diary
Donald’s Park

Trump’s America provides 24x7 entertainment all day, every day. And just as you think you’re up to here with White House comedy, they serve up romcom in the delectable shape of Stormy Daniels and a bevy of other beauties. I suggest US Consulates levy an amusement charge on every visa they issue.

My favourite Boston bookshop is Brattle’s. They have taken a parking lot next to their store, where they display hundreds of books on discount. The size of the discount goes up week on week, so what is offered at, say, $20 in the first week is slashed again and again in instalments till prices drop to just a dollar a volume. I never fail to visit it. My haul this time is ten massive tomes, ranging from the memoirs of George F. Kennan to the gory story of Joe McCarthy’s Red-hunt and a couple of volumes on the Palestine question besides a copy of Shakespeare’s Richard II. For some strange but welcome reason,...

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