05 August, 2021

Shadowland Of Our Selves

A theory of autobiography, through inspection of famous examples, demands earthy inclusivity. A close textual-psychological study, however, is missing.

Shadowland Of Our Selves

A Philosophy of Autobiography by Aakash Singh Rathore, a distinguished professor of philosophy, is an interesting take on the genre of aut­obiography. The title of the book might belie the radical way in which autobiographical narrative technique is interpreted. A central premise of the book is that all autobiography—rightly executed and inter­preted—is an exercise in not only telling the story of a personal life but also privileging the lived experiences of the author.

The life lived ultimately must be med­iated through the many somatic experiences that the writer has had, Rathore argues. The book is also a lesson in how we must break away from the habit of thinking of lives lived as merely exp­ressed in their artistic or scholarly productions. It is very tempting to think of the ‘body of work’ of an author or a writer as their many linguistic and artistic expressions. This temptation is most acute when we come across scholars and writers whose prodigious contribution to philosophy, literature, history or any field of...

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