28 February, 2021

Prose, Poetry, Pain, Pathos

Verses with razor-sharp words and thoughts are cutting through the post-370 winter in the Valley

Word Power
(L to R) Nitasha Kaul and Nighat Sahiba
Prose, Poetry, Pain, Pathos

Poetry, they say, speaks the language of the heart.  Of love and  hope, of loss and grief. And anger and resistance. In the frozen valley of Kashmir, where the Jhelum and the chinars wait for spring, woman writers are channelling their emotions into words and verses, echoing the mood of Kashmiris caught in a time warp. Verses of hope of a new dawn. Angry words that cut through the silence in the Valley. These writers are painting their pain and pathos on a broad canvas with dark, bold strokes of the pen.

Most Kashmiris felt a sense of betrayal after Jammu and Kashmir lost its semi-autonomy and statehood and was sliced into two Union territories in August, 2019.  A months-long communication black-out, which was (partially) lifted only recently, and the preventive detention of hundreds of people across the Valley only added to the despair and gloom.

Every day while
going to school
the unknown voices
from the concrete bunker
would tease us with
Bollywood songs

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