19 April, 2021

Promise Of The Sun

When truth-telling is scarce, a book that ­catches the rhythm of violence ­becomes an important ­artefact to live by

Promise Of The Sun

The national notion of time is one of linearity, a moving forward, a distance from the historical past that helps produce a coherent narration in aid of ­“nation-building”. But all of us know intimately, from the families we are born into, the communities we find ourselves belonging in, the stories we inherit and through the bodies we possess: that the past always ­intrudes into the present. Our sense of time, what we feel on our skin, is experientially cyclical: a rumbling, repetitive sadness, with an intensification of pain around every octave that echoes and recalls a past moment. There lingers a disorienting gap between the two kinds of time, a cognitive gap. Is it indissoluble? How do we bridge it?

Words. Stories. The other day, reading Manreet Sodhi Someshwar’s new novel, The Radiance of a Thousand Suns,...

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