12 May, 2021

Our Seat At The High Table

Montek writes a warm, incisive and personal account of his role in the ascent of the economy. But his partiality to India’s joining the RCEP has no basis in hard reality.

Our Seat At The High Table

Montek Singh Ahluwalia walked India’s eco­nomic stage like a colossus and the book at hand is an insightful account of these years. He is one of those han­­dful from the Young Professionals Program of World Bank (some of the others are Arun Shourie, T.V. Somanathan, and Shankar Acharya) who gave up gre­ener pastures to return to pub­­lic service in India. Having had the privilege of knowing him from my high school days I have looked up to his prodigious intellect and simple approachability. He had told me that he was working on a ‘policy book’ and as a student of economics and finance I was eagerly looking forward to a modern Indian version of Keyne­sian economics. I hope he writes one soon, for only he can do justice to it, given his diverse experiences. The book under review is an extremely interesting part-aut­obiography weaved into India’s larger economic journey. It is a compelling read.

Apart from vignettes into Delhi’s rich, often forgotten and uniquely charming sarkari hist­ory, Backstage...

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