27 July, 2021

On The Racks

Thinking what to read next? Here's a list of book up for grabs.

On The Racks

Narendra Dabholkar
Please Think: Practical Lessons In Developing A Scientific Temper | Westland

The author was assassinated in 2013 for speaking up against superstitious practices. In this book, the second to be translated into English, he uses scientific explanations to dispel commonly held beliefs and supposed supernatural phenomena. Whether it is idols ‘drinking’ milk, photographs of auras or the belief that the dead return as crows to feed on offerings, Dabholkar has a rational argument against it.

Chandrahas Choudhury
Days of My China Dragon | Simon & Schuster

Running a musty Udupi eatery wasn’t enough for Jigar Pala—flaneur, thinker, observer of...

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