04 December, 2020

Line-Up Where Everyone Bats

Disdaining failure, the wise Bhalla sticks his neck out and predicts the poll results. But less of economics, and sharper focus, would have helped us.

Line-Up Where Everyone Bats

Surjit Bhalla is a friend. But any­­one without that bias will also admit Surjit writes well, irrespective of whether you agree or disagree with him. His interest in both cricket and films, two themes every Indian is int­erested in, allow him to use similes/metaphors to get the reader interes­ted. (For a very long time, Surjit’s only book was on cricket.)  This book avoids cricket.  However, each of the 14 chapters, and an initial Introduction, begins with lyrics from a popular Bollywood song, reflecting Surjit’s tastes in film music.  The book is on Indian elections, from 1952 to 2019, and the author has himself been a forecaster, proved both wrong and right in the past: “Just two secrets—forecast often, and always remind people when you are right.  If I am wrong, well, life goes on, but now with an additional barrage of kind trolls (I realise that is an oxymoron, but emphasis is needed).  If right, well, we will just have to wait till the next election to go wrong.”

May 23...



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