28 February, 2021

Life Hacks In Vale Of Tears

As tech takes over, deepening misery, battering the human spirit, subduing truth, Harari advocates a meditative resilience, a constant debate

Life Hacks In Vale Of Tears

The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt. And, it is becoming inc­reasingly so as machine intelligence powers its way beyond intelli­gent minds and algorithms begin to guide emotions. Far from maximising human potential, such technological transformation is upg­rading compu­ters to the extent that it will empower a handful of tiny elite over most others who not only stand to be exploited but are being made irrelevant. The cumulative impact of the emerging infotech revolution is fuelling global inequa­lity like never before, while increasing soc­ial tensions and dividing humankind into hostile camps.

Unless the situation is peeled to its last layer, it may not be clear where the world is headed and how we should protect ourselves and future generations. From ecological cataclysm to the fake news epidemic and from chauvinistic nationalism to underrated bioterrorism, the world is fast becoming a theatre of the absurd where the bull of progress is raging wild with anxiety and anger. In the emerging...

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