19 April, 2021

Learning How To Think

One of the makers of the new education policy presses home his point: application-centric, outcome-based education that gives imagination its due.

Learning How To Think

“Today my adoration for Ranchoo went up. We used to go college only to get a degree. If we do not have a degree, we would not get a job; if we do not have a job, we would not get a good spouse…but he came to the college only to study, not for a degree!” Thus a (translated) dialogue in 3 Idiots that argued for knowledge, not degree, and it fits well with the object of Your Degree Is Not Enough. Rajendra Pratap Gupta was a member of the drafting committee to formulate the government’s New Education Policy. Most of Gupta’s ideas, discussed here, have featured in the National Education Policy 2020.

“Is the duty of education just to help us get into a job...?” asks the author. Degree is only one aspect; more important is education, followed by knowledge and wisdom. The Indian education system, with strong imprints of Macaulay’s concept of getting a ‘degree’ followed by a job, is sturdily denou­nced here.

Gupta broadens the scope of discussion on education—it sho­uld impart values...

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