31 July, 2021

'EVMs Are Tamper, Hack-Proof': Exclusive Extracts From 'THE VERDICT' By Prannoy Roy

Most of the criticism of EVMs appears to stem from a knee-jerk mistrust of technology. The authors have studied and analysed EVMs across India first-hand for years, ever since they were first introduced; and feel completely confident that they are tamper- and hack-proof, and cite their reasons for it.

Before D-Day
Officials readying EVMs and other material before an election in Calcutta
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'EVMs Are Tamper, Hack-Proof': Exclusive Extracts From 'THE VERDICT' By Prannoy Roy

India’s pioneering psephologists Dr Prannoy Roy and Dorab R. Sopariwala provide some revelations in their latest book, The Verdict, and say that EVMs have put an end to booth-capturing,  are hack and tamper-proof and give reasons for their belief.

Outlook brings you Exclusive Extracts:

End of Booth-Capturing

We are now firmly in the era of India’s innovative electronic voting machines (EVMs). First introduced way back in 1982 and 1983 as a test, they are now used universally in Indian elections.

India’s electronic voting machines are unique—and ideal for Indian voting conditions. First, and most impo­rtant, Indian EVMs are not connected to the internet or to any wider cloud or network. They are stand-alone machines that have no Wi-Fi or Bluetooth capabilities. (This is a major difference between India’s EVMs and those voting booths in the USA that have electronic voting, where connection to the internet can leave them vulnerable to hacking). To cast a vote in an Indian...

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