28 July, 2021

Between Stardust And Reality

Soumitra’s versatility went beyond acting. This book gives him his due as a poet, thespian and painter.

Between Stardust And Reality

Soumitra Chatterjee’s life is so full that it is difficult to cover it through a logical timeline. The various Soumitras jostle for space—the actor, the thespian, the artist, and the poet. In a definitive book on him, it is also imperative to dedicate a substantial portion to Soumitra’s relationship with Satyajit Ray who, apart from directing him, was a mentor and guru. This book covers the many Soumitras through research and anecdotes.

The book opens with Soumitra’s birth and childhood in Krishnanagar, along with the many influences in his life. He of the generation that experienced Independence and witnessed the artificially created famine that devastated Bengal that was later to influence him in his lead role in Ashani Shanket. Soumitra’s family was fond of poetry and linked to the freedom movement—the fam­ous revolutionary Bagha Jatin was his father’s nephew. Since boyhood, Soumitra displayed a fondness for oration and was influenced by the words of an Englishman who spoke about acting in a visit to his school. The...

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