20 June, 2021

Bookmark: The Prof Who Keeps His Shirt On

From maths to history, the world logs on to YouTube for lessons from Salman Khan

Bookmark: The Prof Who Keeps His Shirt On

Mr Khan’s Varied Library

  • Algebra: Simplifying rational expressions; factoring quadratic equations
  • Brain Teasers: Blue Forehead Room Solution; alien abduction brain teaser
  • Biology: Embryonic stem cells; sex-linked traits
  • Current Economics: Econ. of a cupcake factory; analysis of cost per job saved from stimulus
  • History: Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Physics: Introduction to motion
  • Probability: Birthday probability problem
  • Valuation and Investing: Introduction to income statements
  • Venture Capital: Raising money for a startup; Chapter 11: Bankruptcy


Every so often our lives are filled with teaching moments; for Salman Khan, each working day is brimful with comparable experiences. Salman is the founder...

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