08 May, 2021

Bombay Diary

Has the mafia taken over our financial capital? What’s Marathi for Cabs? Raj Thackeray has got his New Year’s gift and he is bound to make the most of it.

Bombay Diary

Bombay Dying

Has the mafia taken over our financial capital? Early morning, a few days ago, two gunmen knocked on the first floor Churchgate ‘Swastik Court’ flat of Nayana Kathpalia. Her maid answered, opening one of two doors, and looking through the iron grille of the outer door. Perhaps mistaking the maid for Nayana, one of the gunmen aimed his pistol at her and fired. Fortunately, the bullet hit the grille, dislodging an iron bar and only slightly injuring the maid. The gunmen fled. Minutes later, Neera Punj, who lives nearby, received an ominous phone call. “Ab tumhari bhi halat yahi hogi (you will get the same treatment),” the voice said.

Nayana and Neera belong to an NGO, Citispace, which is fighting to preserve Bombay’s open spaces. Nayana lives in the heart of the city, a stone’s throw from leading banks and offices of top...

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