02 March, 2021

Bollywood’s Haiku Bloom

Crisp, nuanced and noticeable, short films are much in vogue

Tiny Troves
Bollywood’s Haiku Bloom

For Nagraj Manjule, making Pawsacha Nibandha (An Essay of the Rain) was a long overdue dream, one that was realised only after he had made Sairat. Why a short film after a phenomenal full-length hit, one may well ask. Such interrogations could be missing the point completely. “I think short films are a completely different language,” says FTII alumnus Payal Kap­adia, whose 13-minute short film, Aft­ernoon Clouds, competed at Cannes last year. “They are perhaps closer to poetry than the longer format. It is like comparing a poem to a novel rat­her than a short story. The approach is totally different. I don’t really see it as a means to an end but an end in ­itself.”


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