14 May, 2021

B.N. Kalyani, Bharat Forge

Kalyani’s stamp is on every second truck in N. America and virtually every car in Europe—BMW, Toyota, Audi, Mercedes...all rely on his components.

Photograph by Soumik Kar
B.N. Kalyani, Bharat Forge
  • Bharat Forge has annual turnover of over Rs 16,000 cr and consistent profits


Like a prophet of small things, he was already making a lot of stuff in India for the world long before ‘Make in India’ was born as a state-driven mission. It may surprise you to know that every third car globally has a part manufactured by the Pune-based Bharat Forge of B.N. Kalyani. In fact, his stamp is on every second truck in North America and virtually every car in many European markets. BMW, Toyota, Audi, Mercedes and Ford, all rely on components made by him to drive their passenger cars.

Kalyani is the tall boy of Indian manufacturing, with Rs 16,000 crore-plus in turnover and consistent profits. More than the numbers, he has defied the popular perception that engineering precision is something only the Germans can do. Here’s a quick story. Once a European client asked Bharat Forge to come with a component idea for a product it was launching. The client gave a strict deadline by which it had to present a...

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