24 July, 2021

Bluster Is A Thin Armour

Life's going on for the average Baghdadi, George W. Bush's threats notwithstanding

Bluster Is A Thin Armour
Hussain Muteb Nasser coolly says he has been on this road before. Yes, he has six children to worry about. But he's not afraid, not one bit. If the United States decides in favour of war, Nasser is ready for it. "We are ready for anything that could be expected from America," he says. "We are ready to face any soldier who enters Iraq. We will offer all of our souls to defend Iraq."

Fear isn't something Iraqis will tell you about in an interview. But it exists here as surely as does the threat of war, as surely as people here know the horrors of war and what it could do to a country and its people. But between the lines, in relaxed conversation, Iraqis express their worries, their fears—and what they are doing to prepare for a possible war. "We have made all the preparations we need to withstand a war with America," explains Nasser. "We have received our rations for the next several months—in advance. We are ready psychologically and we are armed."

More and more, there's a growing belief among Iraqis that war is inevitable. It's not a matter of if, but when. US...

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