24 November, 2020

Blue Princess

Blue Princess
SHE walked, tall and regal like the princess that she is, into the Polo Bar of the Rambagh Palace. In a clinging Jaipur chiffon sari of the kind she has made internationally famous. It was in a vibrant shade of turquoise blue, what the locals call a Feroza colour. What made her different from the others at the famous bar was that she entered only after an ADC, in a formal black prince coat, had peeped round the door to make sure I was there before ushering her in.

It had all started the evening before, when I had just got into bed. My friend rushed in breathlessly: "Gayatri Devi is in the coffee shop. Why don't you get an interview?" That was the last thing to do with a woman with such style and elegance, invade her privacy and interrupt her late night snack like a gauche cub reporter. I decided instead to send her a handwritten note across to her home, the Lily Pool, which is within a stone's throw of the hotel. I reminded her of our conversations in Bengali at diplomatic receptions in Delhi. The response was quick. I got a call first thing in the morning. A male...



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