20 June, 2021

Blue-Bordered Saris—Mothers Who Give A House

The Missionaries of Charity, while following the new rules, will continue to run its adoption centres. But a deep unease blankets all.

Blue-Bordered Saris—Mothers Who Give A House

Officially, Mother House, the central Calcutta home of Mother Teresa’s world-ren­owned philanthropy, Mission­aries of Charity (MoC), has ‘accepted’ the new set of adoption guidelines issued by the Union ministry of women and child development.

Speaking to Outlook, MoC’s off­icial spokesperson Sunita Kumar says, “I spoke to the sisters and they say that ‘maybe this (the new directives about adoption) is the will of God’. They are not resisting it.” Kumar points out that the MoC has neither ‘closed down’ its orphanages nor ‘withdrawn’ its adoption agencies as widely reported, but are “preparing to shift their adoption management to representatives of the ministry”.

“It has been erroneously claimed that the MoC has refused to comply. It has merely cla­­imed that meeting the new guidelines would be ‘difficult’ for it and so the adoption procedure will (have to) be taken care of by the ministry. MoC will continue to look after children...

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