05 August, 2021

Blooming Carnations’ Worth

So, who does the last laugh belong to? The US yields to the prime ministerial candidate.

Mayur Bhatt
Blooming Carnations’ Worth

12-Year Standoff

  • 2002 US joins other western countries in boycotting Narendra Modi following the Gujarat riots
  • 2005 US revokes Modi’s visa, preventing him from travel in US
  • 2010 US consul general in Mumbai meets Modi
  • 2013 Modi refuses to meet US delegation in wake of diplomatic row
  • 2014 US ambassador Nancy Powell meets Modi in Gandhinagar


Some rationalise it as pragmatism, an inevitable component of foreign policy. Those less guarded with their words call it “sheer opportunism”. But on Thursday, February 13, when US ambassador Nancy Powell flew down to Gandhinagar to meet Gujarat chief minister and the BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, there were also cheers—of both the happy and the taunting sort. And not necessarily only from Modi fans. Even for those who rarely miss an opportunity to criticise Modi, seeing the...

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