28 September, 2020


Their second week into 'shock and awe', it hasn't exactly worked out the way America had hoped it would. Baghdad isn't theirs yet, the Iraqis haven't proved as submissive, and hopes of a short, swift war recede into the vast desert expanse.
Smog Of War: Paul Danahar, BBC South Asia Bureau Chief reports from Iraq

Taking It To The Streets: Nahlab Ayed in Amman reports on the big picture

Dustdevils And A Mirage: Anne Barnard in Base Camp  As-Sayliyah, Qatar

"I Eat Your Eyes": Stephan Nolen in Harir, on the northern front

An Empire Of Corpses?: Hani Sukrallah, Managaing Ediotr of Al-Ahram Weekly in Cairo

Sky Is Black: Bill Sellars in Istanbul on Iraq's oil fields

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