02 March, 2021

Black Takes Game?

After all the talk, the NDA’s vacillation on black money gives the SC a reason to bite

Jitender Gupta
Black Takes Game?

From Whatsapp messages to blogs, the BJP has always built up a consistent stand about black money. For a quarter of a century, since the Bofors scandal broke, the BJP’s narrative has been thus: the Gandhi family has taken out huge amounts of money from the country and when the BJP comes to power it would return this ill-gotten wealth to India. Now, isn’t it ironical that the Modi government, which came to power on the promise to make every citizen richer by Rs 15 lakh once the illegal money stashed aboard has been brought back, is under pressure from within its ranks? 

At the heart of the black money controversy is Union finance minister Arun Jai­­tley. His action of not disclosing the names on the plea that it would violate the double taxation avoidance agreement (DTAA) with Switzerland, Germany and Fra­nce set the cat among the pigeons. It gave the Oppo­sition something to talk about after four-and-a-half months of a Modi lovefest. There are rumblings wit­hin the BJP too on the party ceding the “moral plank”. The knives...

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