20 June, 2021

‘BJP Alone Will Win 120 Seats In Bihar’

BJP president Amit Shah who is possibly facing his toughest political test on the Bihar Elections.

Tribhuvan Tiwari
‘BJP Alone Will Win 120 Seats In Bihar’

While he’s loath to admit it, BJP president Amit Shah is possibly facing his toughest political test in Bihar. He keeps a poker face and predicts a landslide victory for his party. But he has been camping in Patna far beyond the planned six days. And instead of addressing party workers, he’s chopper-hopping about, addressing political meetings. He took time off to speak to Kumar Pankaj on the Bihar elections. Excerpts:

How confident are you of winning?

Look at the size of the rallies being addressed by party leaders, look at the enthusiasm the crowds show. It would leave no doubts in any observer that the NDA is set for a landslide and will bag two-thirds of the seats. There’s a discernible wave for change. People are looking for a better dispensation.

What are the issues on which this election is being fought?

Development of Bihar is the only issue. People have seen good governance at the Centre and they trust the prime minister. Biharis have...

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