18 June, 2021

Bjp & Allies Forge Ahead

A survey, incorporating the results of an exit poll on April 27, gives the Congress just 142 seats

Bjp & Allies Forge Ahead

THOUGH it is still uncertain which party or alliance will finally come to power, political pundits have been consistent in predicting a hung Parliament. The first DB-MRAS opinion poll commissioned by Outlook in March indicated that no party would get a clear majority although at that point the Congress was in the lead, with the BJP close behind. But now, a second poll by the same agency, incorporating an exit poll restricted to the first phase of polling on April 27 in select constituencies, indicates that the situation has reversed. The BJP and its allies are ahead with 192 seats, followed by the Congress with 142 and the National Front-Left Front a close third with 139 seats. The DMK-Moopanar Congress alliance is expected to win 36. With the second round of polling due in May and the BJP emerging as a frontrunner, a section of voters who are still undecided may vote BJP, thus increasing its tally marginally.

The latest Outlook-DB-MRAS poll has been conducted in two stages. A pre-election poll in 103 constituencies in 16 states—in which 18,918...

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