25 June, 2021

Bile In The Brain

Warped environments breed warped minds, reveals a new study of criminal psyche

Bile In The Brain
Serial Killer : Enjoys act of killing. Turned on by scenes of gore and violence. May also be sexually aroused from shrieks of victims.

Sexual Offender: Driver is often domination, not sexual gratification. Act may be most pleasurable experience of his life. Arises from sense of inadequacy about masculinity. Female sexual offenders extremely rare.

Child Molester: Can’t differentiate between, say, 3-year-old girl and 23-year-old woman; both appear acceptable objects of interest.

Mass Murderer: (Such as those indoctrinated by causes) Poor sense of identity; attracted to authoritarian movements. Tremendous ego.

You couldn't find a life less ordinary than Ashok Ahuja's (name changed). One morning he wakes up and says to himself: "Aaj kuch karna hai (Have to do something today)." He asks his sister to get him breakfast, walks into her bedroom and bludgeons her two children, aged four and one, to death. Hits them repeatedly against the wall until he is giddy with joy. "It wasn't very painful; they...

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