20 April, 2021

Bihar Diary: An Actor Votes

Fresh from his superhit Bhojpuri hip-hop video Bambai Mein Ka Ba, which became a “national anthem of sorts” by talking of migrants, Manoj Bajpayee looks back at his roots

Illustration by Saahil
Bihar Diary: An Actor Votes
Great Expectations

For Bihar and Biharis, the dreams are as simple as everyone else in this country: a life of dignity facilitated by a government which cares for the people. And this dream comes alive every election when the people use their collective wisdom to elect a group of people who they think will serve with the state’s best interests in mind.

This land needs a lot of dedication from the people at the helm. It deserves all the great things that could possibly happen, or have been due for a long time. People in Bihar deserve a good life, a constant source of income and, of course, peace and security. This proud community worships even the setting sun and this perhaps shows, more than anything else, that we see hope even when the light goes out. That is who we are.

Politics On A Platter

Biharis have always been extremely interested in politics and political discussions are a day-to-day affair when you are...

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