20 September, 2020

Big Brother Handshake

Ownership and empathy: the solid fuels motoring development schemes

Big Brother Handshake
Anyone judging the state of the nation from the daily headlines may be extremely confused. Stories of scandal, corruption and poverty jostle side by side with accounts of a 'Shining India' leapfrogging into the 22nd century. But there is also another reality, which is buried somewhere in page 5, or completely missing altogether. This is the story of ordinary people achieving extraordinary transformations through out-of-the-box solutions, and innovative partnerships. Here's a tiny sprinkling of this silent revolution.

Water and watersheds: Villagers and city-dwellers are increasingly collaborating with civil society organisations (CSOs) or government agencies to harvest water locally, rather than depend on expensive, unreliable sources from afar. Several hundred villages in Rajasthan and Gujarat have been transformed from drought-prone to water-sufficient due to the combined efforts of residents and CSOs like Tarun Bharat Sangh, Seva Mandir and Utthan.

Forests/grasslands: In Uttaranchal and Orissa, villagers protecting...


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