01 December, 2020

Big Blaze At Mock Race

Shilpa's 'trauma' is the diaspora's. Past slights are now seeds for protest.

Big Blaze At Mock Race
Odd, how the truth can wrap itself around some chicken stock cubes. The chicken stock cubes were all she had ordered, declared our Shilpa accusingly, to the three white women who have it in for her, as she wandered into the living room of the Big Brother house. A mistake on the face of it, provocation really. She could hardly not have known that she had ordered more than just chicken stock cubes in her grocery list. As expected, Jade Goody pounced on her, spewing sewer-mouthed venom.

Viewers got an extended earful—and eyeful—of this ugliness, with suggestions that Shilpa Shetty should go back to the slums. She has been called a "dog" before, she has been accused of touching others' food with her hands ("you don't know where those hands have been"), taunted and provoked— "Shilpa wants to be white", she is "the Indian", and did she live in a house or a shack?

The nastiness on the show is all White, even if not everyone White on the show is nasty. The uglier the others get with her, the classier Shilpa looks. The nastier the...


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