12 April, 2021

Big B, Reassessed

Big B, Reassessed
So, what’s behind Amitabh Bachchan’s run-ins with the income tax department? More than soured personal relations between the Gandhis and the Bachchans, it’s a signal from the Establishment to all those inimical to it. The Bachchans share a deep professional and personal association with the Samajwadi Party, bete noire of the Congress, and have of late used the SP as a shield in its duels with the IT department. Sources say the 37 notices to the Bachchans are all valid, though the IT department’s timing is suspect. Between them, the family has paid around Rs 11.5 crore as tax in the last assessment year. With staunch supporters like SP general secretary Amar Singh claiming the Bachchans are fodder for political vendetta, the tussle is no longer between a high net worth individual and the IT office.

A rumour that Bachchan had been served notice for purchasing a Rs 2.7 lakh pair of sunglasses set off the latest bout. Initially, both Bachchan and the IT office denied such a notice. But next came reports of Jaya Bachchan’s returns of the last 17 years being reopened for...

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