27 September, 2020


A whopping Rs 8 lakh as advance? For writing on the 'butterfly generation'. And now comes the 'The 007 Collection'. Your entries for way-off titles?

Papillon Smiles
Finally, aspiring Indian authors in India can hope to make a decent living from writing. Palash Krishna Mehrotra, a St Stephen's and Oxford graduate, has just won the highest advance ever offered by an Indian publishing house for his first book—a whopping Rs 8 lakh plus from Rupa, topping bids by Penguin and HarperCollins (advances to first-time authors don't usually go beyond Rs 30,000-Rs 50,000). So what is Mehrotra writing about? His book will examine the world of young Indians (the 20s to early 30s age group), whom Mehrotra has dubbed the 'Butterfly Generation'—because of their ability to flit easily from Hindi to English, from Bollywood to Hollywood, and steam trains to broadband. Mehrotra plans to spend the next year hanging out at discos, call centres and technoparks in 12 cities, finding out what makes his peers tick.

Bond With The Crest
Retro revivals seem to be the...



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