07 May, 2021

Bhim, Eklavya

From Ambavadekar to Dr Ambedkar, the shaping of India’s Dalit icon

Bhim, Eklavya

The Lawman’s Heroes

Kabir Saint-poet an early influence.

Tukaram Saint-poet left a deep impression

Edwin Seligman Economist and mentor

James Shotwell Historian and a major influence

John Dewey Philosopher and Ambedkar’s hero


In the west-facing corner of the first-floor library that metamorphosed into the Ambedkar home is situated an angular room that Dr Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar spent considerable time in while in Bombay. The study opens out onto a balcony overlooking Dadar station, where Ambedkar appeared occasionally to greet an eager crowd of supporters gathered below. “I have heard him, pushing us all to study hard and rise in life,” recalls the white-haired Tukaram Londhe, a teenager then who’s spent decades here as attendant at ‘Raj Griha’, the Ambedkar home in the ironically named Hindu...

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