17 May, 2021

Bhavnagari Sizz Bang Boom

The glittering Gujarati streak skeining through Bollywood

Bhavnagari Sizz Bang Boom

The Gujarati male is not good hero material for Hindi films. We are not as tall as the Punjabis, who dominate Bollywood. We tend to be short and also overweight. There’s too much ghee and potatoes in our meatless diet. The last successful Gujarati hero on the big screen was Sanjeev Kumar from Surat. Real name: Haribhai Jariwala. That was four decades ago. In the more recent past, Jackie Shroff, surprisingly macho for a Gujju. But he hovered near the major league. His son, Tiger, is making his film debut in a lead role this week.  There is still hope for us.

As for the women, we gave you ‘Maa’ Nirupa Roy. Also Asha Parekh, Dimple Kapadia and Parveen Babi, all gorgeous, but their place in the sun was before some of you were born. Today we have Kashmira Shah. Never heard of her? Not to worry. You aren’t alone. She looks great in skimpy clothes, but there is not much there in the acting department. South Indian women do better than our women. More buxom. The front benches prefer it that way.

While Gujaratis don’t get the lead, they...

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