14 May, 2021

Beyond The Idyll

Everyman or the Other? Nawaz arrests as either.

Apoorva Salkade
Beyond The Idyll

Look For Nawaz In:

  • Talash, whodunit suspect
  • Dekh Indian Circus, lower-class familyman
  • Patang, upper middle-class guy
  • Chittagong, Nirmal Sen
  • Miss Lovely, B-grade filmmaker
  • Monsoon Shootout, guy with a dark side
  • Maya Tape, TV reporter
  • The Liar Dice, star-crossed lover


Every director has an idealised mental picture of his film’s characters. Sujoy Ghosh knew precisely what he was looking for in the crucial role of a senior police officer in his upcoming thriller Kahaani. “I wanted someone fragile, not hugely built, who could look like an outsider. He would have no crutches in life like money and power, yet would derive his strength, confidence and arrogance from his job, the chair he sits on,” explains...

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