28 February, 2021

Bet Against The Chimera

The people will choose performance politics over vacuous opposition offerings

Photograph by AP
Bet Against The Chimera

One indicator of greater awareness among the masses is the cases being filed in consumer courts. The number has risen over the years and even less well-educated people are now taking recourse to such litigation, which is inc­reasingly seen as a protective mechanism. Since the formation of the National Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission in 1988, 49 lakh cases have been filed in the nat­ional, state and district level commissions—and 91 per cent of these have been heard and had their verdicts delivered. Perhaps this also explains the tendency of consumers becoming more alert about preserving warranty cards and similar documents. This is an ind­ication of greater awareness on the part of the people about how manufacturers or service providers can hoodwink customers. The lesson to be learnt is: people no longer allow any agency to take them for a ride.

This lesson needs to be learnt by all political parties, particularly by those who have neither a distinct ideology nor any well-articulated agenda for national development. This is a lesson to those parties...

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