25 September, 2020

Bestselling Formulae

The best advice to budding millionaires-in-the-making about to embark on writing courses is to take them but always bear in mind Ben Johnson's couplet: "Fool," said my muse to me, "look into thy heart and write."

Bestselling Formulae
CAN one live by writing books alone? The answer is no, but try telling that to the thousands who have been dazzled by the mega advances or to the advocates of creative writing schools who tell you How To Become a Writer and Become Rich. Is there a formula for money spinning novels that can be taught to anyone who comes along and enrols for a writing crash course?

Two questions arise. How useful are creative writing courses and manuals that promise you bestsellerdom? And can an author make it big with the help of these schools alone or does he or she still need an editor and publisher or a literary agent?

Successful publishing of literary fiction depends on collaboration between the writer, the literary editor-cum-publisher and the mass media. Every link in the chain is important for success. Publishers and writers have a common interest to sell more and more and the mass media is very eager to collaborate for their own reasons. Developments in print and communications technology have led to a vast...



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