14 June, 2021

Bejan Daruwala

India's ace astrologer on his latest book of poetry, Spiritual Sizzlers

Bejan Daruwala

We didn't know you wrote poetry.

I have been writing poetry for 55 years. Spiritual Sizzlers is my fifth book. 

Are the poems on a wide range of topics?

Yes, spirituality is a part of life and life a part of spirituality. It's about astrology, about women in my life, about my way of living life.

Who is your inspiration?

My wife, who died last year in June. As an astrologer I was prepared for her death, but I was in no way prepared for the pain after she left. They are by far my best poems.

Do poetry and astrology mix?

I was born an astrologer, so it comes easy to me. Poetry is the killer dealer; it takes the life out of me. Astrology is my profession, poetry is my passion. It's what I like best; I constantly have to keep working at it.

Do the poems have astrology?

I am an astrologer so some level of astrol­ogy will creep in. But time and astrology binds me. It's the poet inside me that sets me...

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