21 June, 2021

Being And Temporariness

Deepak Unnikrishnan’s first novel teleports through the Malayali-Gulf experience

Photograph by Silvia Razgova
Being And Temporariness

Sample this:

“Below my building is a kada. You know, shop. With a kadakaran. You know, shopkeeper. This kadha. You know, story. Involves him. Kadakaran Moidu is what Amma called him. I called him Karate Moidu because he called himself Karate Moidu because he took lessons for a few months bef­ore breaking his wrist after falling from a chair, ending what would’ve been a promising Karate Moidu car­eer. So now he had his kada, which became his kadha, that he turned into another kadakaran in Arabee Naadu. You know, Arabee Cundry. All of this, his kada, his kadha, that he became a kadakaran, became his arabeekadha. That was his vidhi. You know, fate.”

Or this:

“In 1991, an English-speaking teen who went to an Indian school in Abu Dhabi was waiting to cross the street, when his tongue abandoned him by jumping out of his mouth and running away. Before the young man could apprehend and discipline the escaping appendage, it had grown limbs, a face, a mouth, a tiny proboscis, and fountain-pen blue hair, and thus, free...

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