11 May, 2021

Beijing Diary

The new challenge for the nascent Xi Jinping era is going to be a cascading ‘Cyber Revolution’.

Beijing Diary

Nuclear Nettle

Beijing, a week before the top leadership change, seemed relatively oblivious to the transition from President Hu Jintao to ‘princeling’ Xi Jinping. I’m in town for a conference at Tsinghua University on the troubled China-India nuclear relationship. Put together by the tireless Lora Saalman, the first US scholar to be awarded a PhD for a dissertation submitted in Chinese, the meet had participants from the US and Japan.

The US-based Nuclear Threat Initiative board, supported by Ted Turner of CNN fame, was on hand. The abolition of nuclear weapons has gained surprising, but welcome support from influential US quarters (recall the Obama speech). Ex-senator Sam Nunn and former defence secretary William Perry persuasively reiterated their disarmament exhortations. This is music to Indian ears; for, Delhi has been an...

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