01 October, 2020

Behind The Camera

This collection of essays on the stepchild of Indian film, the documentary, unspools like a full-length feature

Behind The Camera
The documentary is a unique avenue for knowledge, as also a way of knowing - imparting both information and understanding. Inspired by 'India's Quest', a recent experiment fusing documentary making and screening, one would expect Double Take: Looking at the Documentary to provide systematic reflection as well as to chalk out future possibilities. It opts for the first, a decision shaped perhaps by the paucity of concerted writings on the documentary in India. At the same time, the decision illustrates this experiment's efforts at redefining the institutional framework behind the documentary.

Reflecting on the documentary renders an opportunity to link the sociology of knowledge with the field of communication. In doing so, three dimensions could be explored: influences on the production of documentaries (the ways of producing such knowledge), issues of language and style of expression (forms of informing), and the interpretive aspects of narrative structures (forms of understanding).

The bulk of the essays in Double Take are occupied with the first...



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