25 November, 2020

Be A Constant Gardener

Hard focus and breezy persistence can win any woman

Illustration by Sorit
Be A Constant Gardener

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in proximity to a gorgeous woman must be in want of a dazzling pick-up strategy. It’s no trouble for glamorous alpha males, who have always trailed smitten odalisques like rose petals. But we are mostly charmless in comparison; we view the art of enticing a lady out of her zone of indifference and into an agreeable tete-a-tete with the grim suspicion normally reserved for leg-spin bowling.

And sure, the seduction business preys on every man’s insecurity about approaching women by hyping what it calls “game” into a dark art. Go online and pay men with names like “Style”, “Mystery” and “Tyler Durden” (I’m not making this up, I promise) their fees, and they’ll teach you how to “game” a woman, not necessarily into your arms, but certainly into bed. In determined hands, their techniques are said to be scarily successful, even though lots of smart women are on to such pick-up artistry. But they cross...



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