16 May, 2021

Bazaar Ping-Pong

Trade is growing. But a closer look finds India chafing at inequalities.

Bazaar Ping-Pong

When Yuan Speaks To Rupee

  • Bilateral Trade: In just five years, it has zoomed from $15 billion to $50 billion. Balance of trade is in China’s favour, which explains India’s go-slow on a free trade agreement.
  • Global talks: China supports India’s stance in WTO talks on the need to protect local agriculture; both countries have so far taken a united stand against binding commitments on carbon emission cuts.
  • Power: Big rise in supply of Chinese cost-effective technology, machinery and labour for Indian power plants. It has also extended to areas like pipelines and supply of oil exploration rigs.
  • Energy: Though competing in their quest for securing oil and gas supplies, the two countries have come together in troubled spots like Sudan and Syria Telecom & IT: China has emerged as a major supplier in the telecom sector. If Indian companies are imparting IT training in China, Chinese hardware is...

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