15 May, 2021

Battle For Peace

The UN meet fails to get any nearer to an Afghan solution

Battle For Peace

AFTER months of sullenly licking its wounds and swallowing its pride, India enjoyed a brief moment of dubious glory: New Delhi was invited to participate in a closed-door meeting at the United Nations (UN) on Afghanistan.

But India’s participation in a meet designed to bring together five permanent members of the UN Security Council, the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) with 19 other states "which all have influence on one or other of the warring Afghan factions" was for less than glorious reasons.

It is common knowledge that New Delhi has a deep interest in the multi-layered Afghan conflict, through its support for ousted president Burhannudin Rabbani. The world body took up the Afghan issue in October 1996, soon after the commencement of the 51st annual general assembly. What followed was a curious turn of events. According to UN legislation, any state that has lost its confidence in the UN representative of another, has the right to question his or her legitimacy. If a special meeting cannot solve the issue, it must come up...

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