17 April, 2021

Bass To The Whispers

United voices against Rajapaksa aim for power

Bass To The Whispers

Rarely has a ready grin disguised such ruthless ambition. For almost a decade, Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa has run Sri Lanka as his fiefdom. He has been doling out favours to siblings, family members and friends by offering them key portfolios and lucrative government positions while pursuing policies that have helped him to corner much of the national wealth and isolate his political opponents. In addition, he also varnished his image by projecting himself as the leader who not only ended the ethnic war with the LTTE but also as one who can ensure the country’s safety from internal and external threats.

But by the time you read this report all that might change. [As indeed it has; please see: Sirisena Ends Rajapaksa's 10-Yr Rule, Sworn In as Prez - Web Ed]

The January 8 presidential election in Sri Lanka—one of the most crucial elections in its history—in which Rajapaksa’s attempt to seek an...

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