04 December, 2020

Barbie Dolls And Bathcraft

Anatomically contoured bathtubs, state-of-the-art shower-cum-massage cubicles and more...

Barbie Dolls And Bathcraft

THIS can often be the most neglected area in the house. A room which, in the past, generally brought out the worst in houseowners. In traditional India, the bathroom was considered impure. So, most times the bath and the WC were separate units which often took the form of  an outhouse tucked away behind the main residence.

Times are changing. Even those who preferred to spend little time and money, and even less thought when planning the most essential part of the house—treating it more as an awkward necessity rather than an extension of the home—are sitting up and taking notice. A visible revolution is gaining momentum, with the markets flush with new and exciting products and accessories that in turn have resulted in the showpiece which is the bathroom of today.

The personal touch is evident in most urban households now, beginning with the children's bathroom. Parents are realising that times of bath can also be times of play. And sanitaryware manufacturers are responding in full measure, with accessories specially...



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